06Nov 2017
Firstly, I was amazed at the quote I received from ManandVanto. Secondly, the house removals service was just exceptional. This is a company that knows how to make the right impression, and then follow through and deliver.
Gracie W.
22Mar 2016
Movers to are the only people I would call to help with my packing. They supported me in enfolding and boxing all my goods and they made it easy. They used their materials to enfold all items and place them properly in suitable boxes. They assured that every item I own was safe during my move. What more could you want?
A. Parks
02Dec 2015
I was pleased with the packing and unpacking service I hired when moving house. I used Man Van and they delivered a complete removal service including the packing, loading, delivery, unloading and unpacking. What a great help having it all done! Thanks!
Sara Goode
27Oct 2015
I was thrilled with Movers to when I needed a fast office removal. I was renting and the end of my lease was near, and I quickly found a new premise. I was lucky to get this company at short notice to move my equipment, stock and furniture. The company were responsible and did a professional job and got everything shifted at speed. My possessions were soon relocated at my new address with no delays or damage. The bill was fair and the service - exceptional.
Kate Roe
03Sep 2015
Thanks for my near-perfect removals service, Man Van! I was under a lot of pressure throughout my recent business relocation, and you made everything much easier than I had first anticipated. I've had to move my company a few times before, and each time has brought a list of stressful tasks I've had to get out of the way. This list was made significantly shorter by your great work. Everything was moved into the new office ahead of time, and all the movers were polite, approachable and informative whenever I wanted to know more about anything.
Simon B.
14Jul 2015
I was recommended Man with a Van by somebody at work and so I went on to get in touch with the company by phone. We discussed my situation, their movers came out to measure how many items I had to move, they packed them up the day before the move and then moved them! It all happened so smoothly and without any issues!
17Mar 2015
All I wanted from a removal company is that they're able to do what I ask when I ask and that they have fantastic prices to match. These requirements aren't ridiculous by any stretch of the imagination which is why I was surprised when I had trouble finding a company to meet my needs. A friend pointed me in the direction of ManandVanto and I'm glad that they did. When I called them, within minutes everything had been put in place to make moving day go by with ease and efficiency.
Rhina W.
27Feb 2015
I was impressed with the house moving service from ManandVanto. The entire move went so well by a great team of workers. The price was excellent, the service impressive. I was dealt with by a friendly team who arranged everything from the packing to the last box being taken into my new property. Using the additional packing service helped save me time and the stress of getting hold of boxes and supplies to pack up with. The packers did a great job and ensured everything was protected for the journey. The price I paid was within my means. The staff members were friendly and courteous. I would certainly suggest if you are moving to use this company.
Janice K.
03Dec 2014
The best thing about the people who work at ManandVanto is that they uphold the promises that the company makes in their advertising. Using them for my relocation was one of the best ideas I ever had. Not only was their moving crew highly skilled and trained at handling large house removals, they even had wonderful advice to offer which helped me arrange the other aspects of my move. Also, their services are available for very modest prices which is a huge plus. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a moving company.
Emilia Booker
07Jul 2014
I hired a removal van from ManandVanto recently, and was extremely impressed by the value for money. What with the savings that I made on my removal in general, the price of the van was very good in comparison to what I thought I was going to have to pay to get all of our stuff moved between properties. Whilst it isn't for the feint hearted, I reckon many people would benefit from using a removal van from these guys, they really do help out and go the extra mile to go good customer service!
Alan Baker
02Jun 2014
I'm moving house next week and I am proud to say that I will be using ManandVanto again, this will be the third time that I have used their services now and I know I will not be disappointed because every time I have used them I have always received top notch service. This company is by far the best removal company I have ever used and moving house with this company is by far the least stressful. Because I know that these guys will be on hand right from the get go, I know that this move will be a doddle again!
Ian F.
13May 2014
I must say, I despise moving and all of the tedious tasks that go with it. So I decided, for a change, to hire a professional removals company. It happened to be luck because ManandVanto was brilliant. I had heard of a number of disaster stories when it came to using professional removal companies but this company was far from a disaster. I have to say they were so professional and reliable and I honestly could not have done it without them! You are brilliant, the team for helping me with my move. You are true life savers!
Ellen Carr
15Apr 2014
Knowing full well that there are many ways in which to ensure that you get your move done properly, I was prepared to do anything that I could this time round, as I had had a few terrible experiences with moving in the past. I use ManandVanto and they did most of the hard work for me! It is not often that you find yourself being particularly impressed by a service like a removals team, but this lot really did deliver where it was most needed, and I was extremely happy with the results. All in all, an amazing bit of work!
Anna Bradley
03Apr 2014
I was dreading my house move because of the sheer amount of stuff that I own. I only have a small car and I didn't think I could afford a removal van so I was absolutely stuck for what to do. A friend got me on to ManandVanto and they helped me find the best removal van possible! It fit all of my belongings in, even my furniture, and I managed to move house really quickly in just one trip - I was so impressed! This is a really affordable and helpful moving company - I'd definitely use them again if I ever move! -
Brian H.
19Feb 2014
We went with ManandVanto for our storage unit simply because their leases seemed to be so flexible, and they proved to be so. We move around a lot, so have a collection of furniture to accommodate that depending on where we end up. Because of this we need to be in and out of our storage unit pretty regularly, which for some storage providers we have used in the past has been something of an issue. Not with ManandVanto; they are just so accommodating of our needs and really seem to want to help. We appreciate it, which is why we are leaving this review.
Ollie W.
28Jan 2014
Friendly, efficient, reliable and trustworthy as well as affordable and professional are all words I will use when talking to anyone about ManandVanto. These movers deliver on what they promise and go above and beyond to ensure that they meet all of your requests. This is exactly what I experienced two weeks ago when I relocated. Every part of my move was handled by the company in great detail. Nothing was left to chance; they even supplied me with the exact amount of boxes I needed for packing. Besides organizing my move, they also answered a myriad of questions that I seemed to have every day; preparing me fully for what my move would entail.
Jake N.
08Jan 2014
I don't tend to move house all too often, as I'm sure many people do not, and therefore it's been a long time since I moved house before last week. I was not looking forward to it one bit! My son found ManandVanto on the internet and I was very impressed with how well they dealt with my situation. I have a lot of things that needed sorting through, and the people who came to help me pack were very patient with me, even though I'm very indecisive! I'd like to say thanks to the team who helped me move, and to recommend them to anyone who is reading this!
Janet Collins
19Dec 2013
If you are looking for a reliable and professional removal company, I suggest ManandVanto. I hired them for my apartment move and they were prepared and diligent throughout the entire process. The staff was knowledgeable about how to transport objects and belongings into the moving van. They came equipped with supplies and tools to make the move smooth. They were extremely friendly and professional. They got the job done while I tended to other arrangements. I was really impressed with their service and I couldn't recommend them more. What a great team!
Emile B.
29Oct 2013
I am pleased to say that ManandVanto made my removal areal walk in the park. I live next to a park, so it was nice to have time for a stroll whilst they did all of the work. I'm joking of course, but they really did take so much work off of my hands that i was a little stuck as to what to do much of the time. The team were friendly and relaxed and made light work of the job at hand, which was all I could have asked for. A great company with great staff who gave me an excellent move.
Kendrick Hasaar
16Oct 2013
I was pleased to see that the removals team I hired form ManandVan were extremely good at their craft, and made me feel completely at ease with the process. I had no issues with getting on with things as they dealt with the loading of the vans, and I was pleased that nothing was broken at any point, as this was something that I was quite worried about. All in all, it was a job well done, and at a great price, which meant that i was totally convinced by the team and their efforts. Thanks!
David Smith

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